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Doug Miller prepares to release another brand by the bold name of Unmatched Supplements

Unmatched Supplements From Doug Miller

Doug Miller is responsible for several major sports nutrition brands, first and foremost his 20-year-old premium supplement company Core Nutritionals, featuring one of the most comprehensive selections of specialized products on the market. In addition to the long-running and reputable Core Nutritionals, Doug also has a hand in the most patriotic competitor in the industry with ‘Merica Labz and another premium offering in Arms Race Nutrition, founded in partnership with Julian Smith.

Another brand and line of products is coming down the pipeline from Doug Miller, separate from Core Nutritionals, ‘Merica Labz, and Arms Race Nutrition, and it goes by the name Unmatched Supplements. Coming from Doug, we have to imagine it’ll have items in the area of sports nutrition, like pre-workout, hydration, amino, and protein powder. We’re only assuming that because of the bold title “Unmatched” and the fact that Doug Miller has a proven track record in sports categories.

All we have at the moment for the all-new and upcoming Unmatched Supplements is the teaser image above and again, that the intriguing brand is from the industry veteran Doug Miller. Absolutely none of Doug’s brands disappoint, and each of them has its own point of difference and approach to sports nutrition spaces. We’re excited to see how Unmatched turns out, regarding the types of products it puts out into the world and equally importantly, the formulas that drive their effects.

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