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Introducing Vilicus Health and its intriguing energizing dissolvable strips

Vilicus Health Energy Strips

Vilicus Health is a young and intriguing brand that concentrates primarily on energy and focus supplements at the moment. The formats it uses are also quite interesting, except for its straightforwardly named Energy & Focus Formula, produced in capsules and featuring a massive variety of ingredients to support its title benefits of energy and focus. Alongside that, Vilicus has Focus Energy, a gummy supplement, which aims to provide those same two effects but with a blend of mushroom extracts.

The product from Vilicus Health we wanted to put extra effort into highlighting is Energy Strips, where you get a rather simple set of ingredients purely for the purpose of increasing and enhancing energy. The supplement has 50mg of caffeine per serving, 30mg of theanine, and 1,000mcg of vitamin B12. That combination is incredibly scaleable, where if you want to bump up close to 100mg of caffeine, you can by throwing down two servings, then bringing the theanine to 60mg and vitamin B12 to 2mg.

Vilicus Health

The interesting part of Vilicus Healthy’s Energy Strips is not the ingredients and dosages; clearly, it’s the format. As mentioned, you get a blend of caffeine, theanine, and vitamin B12 in every serving, but that serving is not capsules, powder, gummies, or even a ready-to-go drink; it’s strips. The brand has taken all of those components and put them into a small 290mg strip to throw in your mouth and quickly dissolve, then experience the energizing benefits of a moderate dose of caffeine.

Viilicus Health’s Energy Strips are not overly cost-effective, coming in at $27.99 for a pack of 30 delicate energy-enhancing strips, working out to just under a dollar a piece. They do have a sweet flavor to them with Cranberry, and they all come in a convenient resealable bag. You can find out more about Energy Strips as well as all of the brand’s other energy and focus-supporting supplements over at, and purchase there with cost-effective shipping, especially on the strips.