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Warrior takes a variety of vitamins and minerals and puts them into convenient shots

Warrior Multivitamin Immunity Shot

Maker of the popular and always enjoyable Warrior Crunch Protein Bar, Warrior, in the UK, has released two new shot format supplements, both of them geared toward the health and wellness side of things with Warrior Immunity Shot and Warrior Multivitamin Shot. You can figure out what each of them is about based purely on their names; the former is built to support and strengthen your immune system, and the latter has a variety of vitamins and minerals for general health.

Warrior’s Immunity Shot comes with a specific selection of vitamins, including D3, E, a variety of Bs, and, of course, vitamin C, plus zinc, turmeric, and ginger. As for Warrior Multivitamin Shot, that has a larger spectrum of vitamins and minerals, 19 to be exact, and it does not aim to exclusively support immunity, it has more of a broader approach to general health and wellness. Both shots are available in one flavor each, with Orange Mango for Immunity and Mixed Berry for Multivitamin.

Warrior has a strong reach throughout the UK and will be getting its all-new Warrior Immunity Shot and Warrior Multivitamin Shot out to all of its partners, some sooner than later, and being shots; you should be able to get them individually but also in bulk boxes of a dozen at around £15 (19.31 USD).