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PLT Health introduces a water-soluble Zynamite to put the energy and focus ingredient into drinks

Water Soluble Zynamite

Zynamite is an increasingly popular ingredient commonly found in supplements that have an energy and focus side to them, like a nootropic and a comprehensive pre-workout. The innovation aims to increase and enhance mental and physical energy, and it can be used and stacked with other stimulants, including the classic caffeine. There is some significant news this week surrounding Zynamite and that it can now be expanded into the fast-growing format of functional beverages.

PLT Health Solutions is launching a water-soluble version of Zynamite in North America, an innovation developed by the team at Nektium Pharma, which allows for it to be included in beverages, beyond the traditional pill and powder formats. The water-soluble Zynamite, derived from its usual sustainably harvested mango leaves, is perfect for something like an energy drink, pre-workout RTD, or an energy shot, simply putting its energy and focus benefits in more convenient situations.

With the craze of energy drinks building week after week, PLT Health Solutions and Nektium are rolling out their water-soluble Zynamite in North America at just the right time, and we don’t imagine it being long before a sports nutrition brand or beverage specialist puts it to good use. With the advancement in formulations in beverages, Zynamite would be a good fit for anyone looking to stand out in the fast-paced space, and if you are that brand, you can reach out to PLT for more information.

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