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Women’s Best makes high-protein porridge much easier to prepare and have on the move

Womens Best Smart Protein Porridge

Women’s Best in the UK and Europe, which also has a strong presence in the US, has made a protein-packed snack or food much more convenient and accessible. The hugely successful brand has revealed and released Smart Protein Porridge, a high-protein porridge that has no taste, just purely the natural porridge flavor. The product is a part of the brand’s extensive functional Smart Series with the likes of Smart Chips, Smart Cookies, Smart Spread, Smart Peanut Butter, and the Smart Bar.

Smart Protein Porridge from Women’s Best has a very simple set of ingredients with almond flour, cornflour, dates, almonds, and sea salt. The result is a pot that you simply pour boiling water into, thoroughly stir, leave to stand, then you’re ready to eat. The nutrition on this is clean and balanced with 15g of protein in a 50g pot, 3.5g of fat, 19g of carbohydrates with 7g of that sugar, all ending on a calorie count of 183, which is relatively reasonable considering the amount of protein squeezed in there.

Women’s Best has immediately added Smart Protein Porridge to its online store at in single-serving pots at €3.99 (4.37 USD), and again, there is only one flavor, or technically one non-flavor as the neutral, unflavored option called Natural is all you have to choose from.