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Zoomad takes a versatile approach to the mass gainer market in its scalable ZooMass

Zoomad Labs Zoomass

Zoomad Labs is an incredibly popular European supplement company that uniquely has animal faces bursting out the side of its bottles, making it incredibly eye-catching online and in digital marketing, but even more so when you inevitably see it in stores on shelves. The brand doesn’t carry that feature across into its bigger items like protein powder and its oatmeal product, nor does it do it for its next big innovation, which is another protein-based supplement in ZooMass.

ZooMass is Zoomad Labs’ entry into the high-calorie world of mass gainers, and it is all in on the format, putting together a beast of a competitor that is balanced and immensely scalable. In every 50g serving, you get 10g of protein, 28g of carbohydrates, and 2.7g of fat for a total of 184 calories. That may not seem overly intense for a mass protein powder, but as mentioned, the catch is that it’s designed to be dialed up to suit your nutrition needs as you get 12lbs of powder per bag.

Say, for example, you want 50g of protein; you can simply have five servings, of which you’d get 21 total mass shakes per bag of, and the macros would work out to 140g of carbohydrates, 13.5g of fat, and 920 calories. That same approach could be applied if you wanted to go even further down that road for, say, 75g of protein, so seven and a half of ZooMass’ regular servings, resulting in 210g of carbs, 20g of fat, and a calorie count of 1,380.

Zoomad Labs has brought a rather different angle to the mass gainer market in ZooMass, but a versatile and convenient one at that, giving fans a reliable source of nutrition that can be increased to suit their protein needs, and the protein-to-carbohydrate ratio is more than reasonable. Once again, the supplement is hitting the market in 12lb bags in Devil’s Choco and Vanilla Cake flavors, and with the animal theme on this one being a Panda, it has panda ears poking out the top of the bag.

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