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Athletica expands its seven-ingredient X7 pre-workout into an energy drink

Atlhetica Nutrition X7 Smart Drink

Atlhetica Nutrition in Brazil has dabbled in energy drinks before, and we don’t mean recently like the many other sports nutrition companies in the space. It was about four or five years ago that the brand introduced its X Zero Energy Drink, although this month it has a completely new competitor for the category with X7 Smart Drink. While the name makes it sound like some sort of nootropic beverage, it is more of a pre-workout style carbonated drink.

X7 Smart Drink from Atlhetica Nutrition gets its name from the fact that it has seven main ingredients to collectively support energy, focus, and performance, again, making it somewhat of a pre-workout-type energy drink. The components driving the experience are all common in pre-workouts, including taurine, the ever-present performance supporting beta-alanine, arginine, inositol, metabolism boosting carnitine, choline to take care of the focus, and lastly, caffeine.

If the name X7 rings a bell for fans of Atlhetica Nutrition, that’s because it’s also the name of the Brazilian brand’s X7 Pre-Workout. That features seven different ingredients as well for a comprehensive blend of pre-workout benefits, including taurine, arginine, beta-alanine, tyrosine, coQ10, caffeine, and something called l-citrullinyl-l-arginine.

Atlhetica Nutrition has announced its X7 Smart Drink alongside its appearance at this year’s South American Arnold Sports Festival, an event it commonly aligns product announcements and unveilings with. The beverage looks as though it’ll be hitting the market in the coming weeks and months, following the convention appearance, and you can expect to see it available in four zero sugar flavors with a regular or original, lime, acai berry, and a sweet citrus.