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Black Skull puts 10g of protein into a delicious chocolate-covered sandwich cookie

Black Skull Whey Crunch Protein Snack

Typically, around this time of year, or more importantly, around the Arnold Sports Festival in South America, Brazilian brand Black Skull tends to go on a run of innovation. Similar to others in the region, the popular sports nutrition company reveals and releases several products alongside the health and fitness event, and things are no different in 2024. Black Skull has announced a number of all-new items, including a delicious-looking functional offering called Whey Crunch.

Black Skull’s Whey Crunch is a sandwich cookie by the looks of things, with two crumbly cookies on either side of a sweet and creamy flavorful filling, and it’s all wrapped in a tasty chocolate coating. The product is not supremely high in protein, far from the traditional 20g per piece; it sits on half at 10g in the 50g better-for-you treat. Alongside the moderate amount of protein, Whey Crunch has 19g of carbohydrates, less than 2g of that is sugar, a sizeable 12g of fat, and 227 calories.

The build and flavors of Black Skull’s Whey Crunch look absolutely delicious and worth the not-overly-great protein-to-calorie ratio of 10g to 227, which is around the number of calories you get in your typical protein bar but half the protein. In terms of flavors, the brand has been known to get rather crafty in this department, and it has done that for Whey Crunch with four options in Hazelnut Cream, the dessert Dulce de leche, Dream Milk, and the white chocolate Lemon Cream.

Black Skull has officially launched its chocolate-covered cookie sandwich this month in its local Brazilian market, where it has a dominating presence. Fans can expect to see Whey Crunch in all four of those flavors for purchase individually and in bulk by way of a box of 12.

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