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BlenderBottle makes a couple of SpongeBob shakers themed around its two key characters

Blenderbottle X Spongebob Shakers

As fun and exciting as authentic collaborations are in the world of sports nutrition supplements, energy drinks, and delicious functional foods, there are other areas of health and fitness where they’ve been just as interesting and intriguing. We are indeed referring to the essential accessory that is the shaker bottle, an area of the industry where the legendary BlenderBottle has had a massive presence in for as long as we can remember, and it too does a whole host of collaborations with all sorts of brands and characters.

One of BlenderBottle’s most recent, in fact, one that dropped late last month, sees the long-running shaker bottle brand team up with the equally iconic cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. The company has crafted two designs for its premium Pro Series shaker, each themed around a key character from the show: SpongeBob, and his best friend and neighbor, Patrick. You can get either of them straight from BlenderBottle’s online store at $17.99 for a 28oz bottle, which is $4 more than a standard color Pro Series shaker.

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