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NOCCO is launching a classic Blue Raspberry flavor exclusively available in the US

Blue Raspbery Nocco Energy Drink

The internationally successful No Carbs Company NOCCO has created a completely new flavor of its signature energy drink, and most interestingly, the flavor is not available anywhere else in the world except the US, not even in the brand’s home country. Typically, NOCCO launches flavors in Sweden first and then gradually rolls them out into other markets from there. As mentioned, the latest from the functional beverage company changes that pattern, as it’s making its debut in the US, and that’s the only place you’ll find it.

The new product officially launching tomorrow is one of the most traditional tastes in sports nutrition supplements with a Blue Raspberry NOCCO Energy Drink. You get all of the reliable ingredients and features of the beverage, including B vitamins, 3g of BCAAs at a leucine-high 4:1:1 ratio, no sugar, next to no calories, and 180mg of caffeine for energy. Blue Raspberry will be going live through NOCCO’s dedicated US online store at, where you’ll pay $29.99 for a case of 12, excluding any deals or discounts.

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