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Bombbar makes another multivitamin beverage but puts it in bottles and sweetens it with sucralose

Bombbar Lemonade Vitamins And Minerals Drink

Bombbar in Russia has dabbled in the beverage format numerous times over the years with flat and carbonated competitors, and while some have been focused on the energy drink space, some have not, including the simply named Vitamins & Minerals. As per the title, that product from the three-time Functional Brand Of The Year features a combination of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness, and it’s nutritionally guilt-free with no sugar and low calories.

There is a new beverage on the market this month from Bombbar that goes by a similar name as that canned vitamin and mineral-based competitor with Vitamins & Minerals Lemonade. The purpose of this one is to provide a variety of vitamins and minerals in the form of a drink, although not in overly large dosages, including 21mg of vitamin C and 2.5mcg of vitamin D. The key difference, at least from what we can tell, is that the Vitamins & Minerals Lemonade offers a different taste experience, potentially more citrusy, and it’s likely much sweeter as it uses sucralose unlike the all-natural original.

In typical Bombbar style, it has dropped its all-new Vitamins & Minerals Lemoande in a wide variety of flavors, and another difference in the latest from the Russian brand, they all come in large half-liter bottles, not the slim and sleek 330ml can. You can pick up the multivitamin beverage straight from Bombbar’s online store at 90₽ (1.56 USD) each, and the flavors are Watermelon, Pineapple, an intriguing Tarragon, Ginger Lemongrass, Cola, Duchess Pear, Mojito, and Green Apple.