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Buffed wants people to stop being “Canned Energy’s B*tch” and switch to its sticks

Buffed Energy

Buffed is a relatively new and growing supplement company that has a bone to pick with energy drinks. The newcomer wants to replace your daily or casual-use carbonated and caffeinated beverage with its stick-pack product, that offers a wide variety of ingredients for more than just energy. The other upside of Buffed and its effect and self-titled supplement Buffed Energy, is it’s more cost-effective versus an energy drink, although not by much, working out to around $2 a serving.

The formula behind Buffed Energy isn’t overly complex or advanced with B vitamins as well as a blend of multi-benefit mushroom extracts with cordyceps, lion’s mane, and maitake, but only at a combined dose of 50mg per serving. There is also tyrosine in the mix at 350mg, acetyl-l-carnitine at 250mg, and the smooth energizing pair of theanine dosed at 100mg and, of course, classic caffeine anhydrous at an energy drink-like amount of 150mg. Buffed’s debut supplement, designed to support energy and focus, can currently be found in two flavors with Venom Berry and Pineapple Thrash, which do have some nutrition to them at 3g of carbohydrates for a low ten calories.

Buffed Energy

As mentioned, the brand’s marketing is all about swapping your everyday energy drink for a stick of Buffed Energy and it is not subtle about it. The company proudly shouts it’s declaring war on canned energy, and on its product pages, it has an animated image of its stick packs beside what most definitely looks like a can of the iconic Red Bull. It even has a banner across the top of its website reading “Knock Knock. Who’s there? Can. Can who? Cans suck drink Buffed.”

Buffed and its energy drink replacement Buffed Energy are an entertaining match, to say the least, with a hilarious yet strategic marketing approach amplified by the fact that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, another example being on its socials it has “Killer energy too powerful for a can.” You can check out Buffed for yourself at, with bags of 30 stick packs available for purchase through there at a pricey $58.99 or a slightly better $48.55 if you subscribe.