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Chemical Warfare adds a value-focused pre-workout that costs just £20 for 30 servings

Chemical Warfare The Reaper

Chemical Warfare has put together an answer to the growing sub-category, or more like a category approach, with a daily use or value-focused pre-workout called The Reaper. The purpose of supplements that fall into this area is to offer a well-rounded competitor that doesn’t go too extreme on dosages or any specific effects, and they come at a reasonable price. The UK-based Chemical Warfare has attempted that in The Reaper and does deliver with a price of £19.99 (25.25 USD).

Sitting under that $30 USD mark or £20 in Chemical Warfare’s local currency certainly qualifies its all-new pre-workout, The Reaper, as a value-first supplement, and the formula behind it is pretty solid considering the cost. The experienced brand has built the product to support each of the core pre-workout benefits, including energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and performance and endurance.

The breakdown of ingredients in Chemical Warfare The Reaper starts with the heavier components: citrulline malate at 4g a serving, 2.5g of the ever-present performance supporter beta-alanine, and a gram of taurine. Filling out the other side of the supplement for energy and focus is 300mg of juniper berry, 50mg each of the premium caffeine-free stimulant TeaCrine and CoffeeWin green coffee bean, and lastly, the ever-reliable caffeine anhydrous at a moderate 200mg.

Chemical Warfare The Reaper Label

As mentioned, The Reaper is a relatively balanced and straightforward pre-workout, bringing together commonly used ingredients at moderate but fair dosages for the price point. The brand does only direct users to take one serving maximum, although some of the highlights of a double serving are what you’ll find in some of the more advanced and premium pre-workouts out there, like 8g of citrulline malate, 5g of beta-alanine, and 400mg of caffeine.

If The Reaper is a bit too simple for your liking, Chemical Warfare does have a more robust entry in the category by way of The Bomb, and if you want to juice up the pumps even further, it can be stacked with the equally advanced supplement, Nitro Pump. The Reaper is the way to go for those who purely want a solid pre-workout at that significantly lower £19.99, and it comes with quite a few servings at 30, not the usual 20, and it has two flavors in Blood Orange and Blue Raspberry.