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Classic chicken and rice meal becomes a flavor of C4’s powder and energy drink

Chicken Rice C4 Energy Drink

Cellucor’s pre-workout and energy brand C4 is another giant that is taking part in the entertaining celebration that is April Fools’ Day, and while its joke is a bit more obvious, it’s just as intriguing and interesting, especially considering how detailed it went on the graphics. The brand has teased the coming of a flavor for both its original C4 powder pre-workout as well as the hugely popular C4 Energy Drink, neither of which the April Fools flavor would go well with despite how familiar the taste is.

The most iconic clean and nutritious meal for bodybuilders is chicken and rice, the former for protein and the latter for carbohydrates, and that is straight chicken and rice, no condiments of any kind. Cellucor has transformed that into a flavor for April Fools’ Day in a Chicken and Rice C4 Pre-Workout and C4 Energy Drink. Of course, this is entirely a prank, and unlike some of the other innovations brands have come up with for today, we genuinely can’t imagine anyone finding this appealing for either product.

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