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EAA-powered amino cocktail coming next week from DNA Sports in five flavors

Dna Sports Amino 1

DNA Sports is about a week away from introducing a completely new amino cocktail by the name of Amino 1. Despite the reputable UK-based brand already covering many categories, from pre-workout and weight loss to pure carbohydrates and a glycerol liquid pump product, it does not currently have any sort of competitor in the amino space. Amino 1 will change all of that, and while we haven’t got all of its specific details yet, we can gather a lot from the preview that’s been shared.

In the first look at DNA Sports’ Amino 1, you can see that it has 30 servings in a 285g bottle, and inside that bottle is a blend of all nine EAAs, including the three all-important BCAAs, to support muscle recovery and repair. If you divide that 285 grams into 30 servings, you’re looking at just under 10g each, precisely 9.5g, which is plenty of room for an effective dose of essential amino acids, although probably not much else, so we don’t expect this to drift too far from a pure EAA product.

DNA Sports already has a dedicated hydration supplement similarly named Hydra 1, which you can stack Amino 1 with if you want that additional support and turn it into an even more comprehensive intra-workout. The exact day the brand is planning to make its latest sports nutrition product available for purchase is eight days from today, on Wednesday of next week, and in a large menu of five flavors in Apple Melon, Cherry Lime, Strawberry Pineapple, Tropical, and Pink Lemonade.

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