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Dymatize makes adding protein to your diet as easy as sprinkling seasoning on your food

Dymatize Iso200 Protein Seasoning

Sports nutrition giant Dymatize has fans momentarily excited fans today with news of its ISO200 seasoning supplement that sounds relatively simple but makes some incredibly bold, innovative, and impressive claims. The product carries on from the name of its hugely popular and premium ISO100 protein powder, but again, ISO200 is a seasoning, although the benefits aren’t too different, as it is said to be a protein seasoning promising 200% more protein in every granule, presumably compared to regular seasoning?

The idea of being able to juice up the protein in a meal, recipe, or any sort of food by simply sprinkling some seasoning on it is incredibly exciting and something many fitness enthusiats would pay for, especially coming from a reputable name like Dymatize. Today is, of course, April Fools’ Day, and it goes without saying that the brand’s extremely intriguing ISO200 protein seasoning is a prank, despite its convincing clip and promise of three flavors in Lemon Pepper, BBQ, and Everything But The Bagel.

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