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Efectiv steps up its level of competitiveness in the pre-workout category with Legacy

Efectiv Nutrition Legacy Pre Workout

Legacy is the latest pre-workout from Efectiv Nutrition in the UK, and it has entered the field as its most advanced, premium competitor to date, above the specialized Stim Shot, Elite Pre, The Edge, and, of course, the impeccably discounted Pre. The supplement is relatively packed out mostly in terms of variety, as nothing is dosed to the extreme or as high as we’ve seen in other pre-workouts, but respectable dosages for an extensive selection of 16 different ingredients.

Efectiv Nutrition’s Legacy pre-workout is certainly built as an all-in-one solution, featuring effective components for energy, focus, pumps, and performance, with many of those being premium, branded ingredients backed by claims. In the area of performance, the brand has included the ever-present beta-alanine at its usual 3.2g per serving, plus a gram of taurine, and the quality electrolyte source, pink Himalayan salt at half a gram.

Efectiv Nutrition Legacy Label

Moving on to the pump department for Efectiv Nutrition’s latest pre-workout, you get a fair 4g of straight citrulline, the maximum 1.5g dose of Nitrosigine, and 50mg of the S7 blend. Everything else Legacy has is there for the energy and focus side of the experience, with the likes of juniper berry at 400mg, a gram of VitaCholine choline bitartrate, 2g of tyrosine, 200mg of the premium stimulant Zynamite, and a combined caffeine count just under 400mg from caffeine anhydrous and Infinergy.

Efectiv Nutrition Legacy is well and truly deserving of the title of the brand’s most advanced pre-workout, giving fans a way to step up in numerous areas next to its other competitors in the saturated category. That more stacked formula does bring a premium price, currently sitting more than £10 higher than any other Efectiv pre-workout at £34.99 (44.16 USD) for a bottle of 20 servings, and when it comes to flavors there is just the one to start in Fizzy Bubble Sweets.