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ESN reveals its meal replacement shake RDY packing 38g of protein and 495 calories

Esn Rdy Meal Replacement

The German giant ESN, which just dominated its local health and nutrition convention FIBO in Cologne, is currently getting ready to release another completely new product, and it is something significant, with the brand putting a lot of effort into its build-up. RDY is the name of the upcoming innovation from the brand, and it is not a capsule, tablet, or powder supplement but a convenient beverage designed specifically to replace a meal with a comprehensive nutrition profile.

ESN’s RDY is a premixed meal replacement shake; although being a sports nutrition brand, it has a mix of macros centered around protein. Squeezed into every bottle of the product is a hefty 38g of protein, a similar amount of carbohydrates, the fat is also relatively high at 20g, no added sugar, and a total of 495 calories. The brand crafted RDY to be balanced and nutritious enough to replace a meal, and it has done that; plus it’s reinforced with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

ESN’s all-new meal replacement drink RDY was announced this week, and it won’t be long before it becomes available for purchase. The hugely successful supplement company is officially launching its balanced RDY beverage in a few days, right in the middle of next week on Wednesday, the first day of May. There will be four flavors to choose from right out of the gate, with classics in Milk Chocolate and Vanilla, and two more uncommon options in Banana and Cinnamon Cereal.

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