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Newcomer Fayn debuts with a line to fulfill all of your supplement needs

Fayn Supplements

Fayn is an all-new health and lifestyle supplement company out of Europe that started out with a bang, hitting the market with a lot more than a lone pre-workout like we typically see, although a pre-workout is a part of the newcomer’s initial lineup. The total number of products Fayn has started with goes well into double digits and makes it well worth considering when if you’re looking to build out a comprehensive stack of supplements to support health, wellness, and performance goals.

Some of the key entries from Fayn are its protein powders, of which it has three, each for a popular subcategory of the saturated space with the traditional whey-powered AllWhey Protein, then you have the plant-based AllVegan Protein, and the refreshing clear-style AllClear Isolate. The young brand has actually expanded its protein selection well beyond the classic powder format into something edible with the Fayn Protein Bar featuring a mouthwatering blend of flavors, textures, and 17g of protein.

Fayn Protein Bar

As mentioned, Fayn does have a pre-workout under its banner in UltraPump featuring some respectable highlights like 7g of citrulline malate but, interestingly, no caffeine, so the brand’s only pre-workout is stimulant-free. The many other items filling out the robust Fayn catalog are primarily health and wellness-focused, like Calm Down to support stress and relaxation, turmeric-backed Curplex for inflammation, the nootropic Attention, and the multivitamin AllYouNeed, available in two versions, Foundation for general individuals, and the slightly more expensive Performance for more advanced support.

You can read all about Fayn and the supplements it has debuted with over at, including each of their individual combinations of ingredients and dosages, and the specific purposes they have been built for. You can purchase any of the European brand’s products through there as well, all at reasonable prices, but definitely look forward to more. Debuting with an impressive total of 16 supplements is more than any other newcomer we’ve seen and clearly shows that Fayn means business and is here to stay.