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Recently released house brand Fitness Junkie expands to include a standalone turkesterone

Fitness Junkie Turkesterone

House brand Fitness Junkie from Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget came to market a few months ago with a strong selection of products, including the likes of a protein powder, pre-workout, amino cocktail, and some standalone items, including creatine, ZMA, and ashwagandha. The supplement store and brand are putting back into Fitness Junkie here in April, welcoming another single-ingredient item to the collection named after its one and only main feature with the capsule format, Turkesterone.

Fitness Junkie Turkesterone is short and sweet, giving users 250mg of maral extract, promising 10% or 25mg of turkesterone to support muscle building. There are some B vitamins in there, too, with B5 and B6, and black pepper extract to improve absorption and uptake of the main ingredient. You get 45 capsules in every bottle of the supplement, giving you the freedom to increase the dosage, such as double for 500mg a serving, but that does bring the product down to a total of 22 servings.

The all-new Turkesterone from Fitness Junkie can be purchased directly from Proteinbolaget’s online store at SEKĀ 259 (23.74 USD) per unit, and the retailer does offer its usual bulk discounts with 8% off two or 15% on three or more, bringing the cost down to as low as 219 SEK (20.07 USD).