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Flip To Fill innovates a whole new way to deal with scoops in powder supplements

Flip To Fill Innovation

The age-old issue with scoops in powder supplements like pre-workouts, amino cocktails, and most definitely protein powders is that when you open up the tub and don’t see one, you gotta go digging. If you’re not in a rush, you can grab a spoon or something to dig it out; otherwise, it’s all hands on deck, and you sacrifice the loss of some powder as you pull it out. There have been a few innovations over the years that solve this problem, and one of the latest is the patent-pending Flip To Fill.

Flip To Fill has been designed to solve the lost protein scoop problem by placing an insert on top of your open tub. The item is a well-built ring that has a couple of connectors that go from the edge of the ring into the center to hold what is essentially a scoop without the handle. The way it works is you screw the lid on with the insert in place, flip your product upside down, then back again to the right way up. Lastly, you take the lid off and are presented with that scoop levelly filled with the powder and worked into the scoop is a pouring point for slightly easier transporting from the insert to the bottle.

Flip To Fill Scoop

Basically, Fill To Flip’s patent-pending innovation holds the circular end of a scoop at the top of the tub, facing upwards, and when you flip it around, the powder goes to the top, and before coming back down when you flip it back, it catches a level serving in the contraption. It is one of the more unique ways we’ve seen the scoop problem solved, although, to be fair, almost all of them have been one-of-a-kinds. Again, the supplement accessory is starting a Kickstarter in two weeks, where you’ll be able to get behind and support Flip To Fill’s innovation, as well as secure one of the products for yourself.

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