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Foodspring promises better consistency in its new and improved Whey Protein

Foodspring Improves Whey Protein

A simple and straightforward whey-based protein powder is a core part of many sports nutrition, health and wellness, and lifestyle supplement companies; as for many fitness enthusiasts out there, it is something they use once, twice, and even three or more times every day. Foodspring’s answer to that call is the obviously titled Whey Protein, which relies on a blend of mostly whey concentrate and then whey isolate to provide 23g of protein a serving and low numbers elsewhere, leading to 116 calories.

Foodspring Whey protein consumers may notice something different in the latest batch of the supplement, as the popular European brand has put some effort in on the backend and updated the protein powder in a number of ways. The product still very much features a whey blend-style formula, although it is now much more enjoyable to drink. The brand has reworked the consistency and mixability of the supplement, and it has slightly altered its branding, which is mostly a rearrangement of details.

The new and improved Foodspring Whey Protein has relaunched in three of the original protein powder’s most popular flavors: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla. If you head to and place an order for any of those options, you will indeed get that better-tasting product. We’re assuming the other flavors of Whey Protein will be gradually transferred over to the new recipe, but until then, you can pick them up in the previous version.