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Two refreshing flavors are joining the menu of Fresh Supplements’ pre-workout this Monday

Fresh Supplements Two New Pre Flavors

Newcomer Of The Year nominee for 2023, Fresh Supplements, hasn’t introduced too many different supplements since its inception, but it’s not been shy when it comes to expanding the menus of its sports nutrition products, especially its signature pre-workout. We’ve seen the fast-growing company add to its supplements on many occasions, and it’s had plenty of fun in them, too, with special editions for the likes of Christmas and 4th Of July, as well as exclusives for retail partners like Nutrition Faktory.

Fresh Supplements has announced that in a few days, on Monday, it is dropping two more flavors for its category named Fresh Pre-Workout with Juicy Melons and a classic Kiwi Strawberry. They’ll be welcome additions to the brand and product as it does have a few flavors on the market at the moment, but the more, the merrier, and the new options will take the menu from five to seven. The supplement itself packs a relatively reliable formula, including the likes of citrulline at 6g for pumps, premium CognatiQ and tyrosine for focus, 300mg of caffeine, and many others, all at $49.99 for a tub of 20 servings.