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Genius Warcry family lands a regular amino and another with added energy ingredients

Genius Nutrition Warcry Amino And Aminorgy

Genius Nutrition in Romania has gone down a similar path to the likes of Cellucor and C4, and Alpha Lion and Superhuman, by expanding what was originally its stimulant pre-workout Warcry into a full-blown family of supplements covering all of the categories a brand should. Genius has added to that selection once again here in 2024, introducing Warcry Amino and Warycry Aminorgy, both of which are amino-based products, with one also having some energizing ingredients thrown in.

Warcry Amino sees Genius Nutrition bring together almost all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair — lysine being the one that’s missing — with the eight that are present combining for a total of 4.8g a serving and 3g of that is made up of the all-important BCAAs. There is also a gram of taurine, 500mg of glutamine, and coconut water for electrolytes; then, in Warcry Aminorgy, you get exactly the same blend of ingredients but with a small change to the coconut water at 300mg instead of half a gram, plus green tea and caffeine anhydrous at 100mg each to increase energy as per the name.

Genius Nutrition’s Warcry Amino and Warcry Aminonrgy are great additions to the ever-growing Warcry family of sports nutrition supplements and further the brand’s apparent goal of becoming all about Warcry, again, similar to the likes of Cellucor’s C4 and Alpha Lion’s Superhuman. There is a small price difference between the two EAA-powered products, with the regular Warcry Amino at 115 lei and Warcry Aminorgy at a 3% higher 119 lei for a 30-serving tub in a matching Raspberry Candy flavor.