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Get-A-Way crafts a series of transparent better-for-you blocks of chocolate

Get A Way Chocolate Bars

The ever-creative functional food company Get-A-Whey now named Get-A-Way, has added a whole other family of products to its delicious selection of better-for-you and high-protein treats with Chocolate Bars. The Indian brand has crafted a series of chocolate blocks with four tasty varieties to choose from, and none of them have any added sugar. It is essentially an alternative to a traditional block of chocolate, where you get a healthier blend of ingredients and the same or similar eating experience.

Get-A-Way’s Chocolate Bars collection consists of your classics like Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, then a saltier Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and for something a bit more different, Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate. The functional specialist is extremely transparent with what goes into each of those chocolate blocks, listing the breakdown of ingredients on its website by percentage; for example, the signature Milk Chocolate is 35% African cocoa beans, 47% date powder for sweetness, and last 18% is milk powder.

Again, the Chocolate Bars from Get-A-Way are made with a better-for-you recipe, and that does result in a slightly better nutrition profile next to your usual blocks of chocolate with Milk Chocolate as an example again, having 4g of protein, 20g of carbohydrates, 15g of that sugar, and 13g of fat in a 40g block. You can purchase any of the Chocolate Bars from the brand’s online store at a very reasonable ₹150 (1.79 USD) per block, with multi-block bundles available, too, including a discounted four-piece variety pack.