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Highly-anticipated Ghost Protein Cereal goes live and completely sells out in 4 minutes

Ghost Protein Cereal Sold Out

Today was the big day when Ghost’s highly anticipated Ghost Protein Cereal became available for purchase, and as expected, if you wanted to get your hands on the product, you needed to be online right on the minute of its launch. The award-winning lifestyle brand’s first-ever functional food went live at at a very reasonable $9.99 for a box of six to eight servings, depending on which of the two flavors you grab: the marshmallow-filled Marshmallows or Peanut Butter.

Ghost Protein Cereal went up and sold out in just four minutes, which is an incredible achievement as we have to imagine the original lifestyle supplement company had a lot of stock available. As previously confirmed, Ghost will be putting its protein cereal packing 17 to 18g a serving, into retailers, which will be much easier to get on than the short-lived website launch. The brand has said one of the first places it’ll show up is none other than Walmart and its long list of locations, and in just two weeks.