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Gold Standard pitches Tesco a completely new high-protein food innovation

Gold Standard Nutrition Pitch To Tesco

Gold Standard Nutrition is one of the most reliable and nutritious food companies in the UK, offering all sorts of convenient and cost-effective solutions for those who lead a healthier lifestyle. The brand’s most-known product is Pot O Gold, a compact carton packed full of a nutritionally balanced meal available in a host of different and familiar flavors and recipes. Potentially coming soon from Gold Standard is something completely new and if all goes well, fans will only find it in one specific location.

Sometime recently, Gold Standard Nutrition had a meeting with the team behind the supermarket giant Tesco about bringing in the healthy food company. Simply put, the innovators took on the feedback provided and have created a completely new product and as mentioned, it is going to be exclusive to Tesco. From what we gather, it is some sort of meal involving chicken and a somewhat spicy twist, so potentially along the lines of the Pot O Gold, but the brand is saying this is an entirely new creation.

It’ll be interesting to see what it is exactly that Gold Standard Nutrition has prepared for Tesco, even more so if the supermarket ends up accepting the proposal and bringing it into its mountain of stores across the United Kingdom. Once again, Gold Standard is incredibly reliable and a perfect fit for diets and lifestyles centered around high protein. Having that approach in convenient locations like Tesco stores would take things up a notch and make life even easier for current and future fans of the brand.