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Gönrgy offers truly unique taste experiences close to the foods the flavors are named after

Goenergy Energy Drink

Gönrgy is a relatively recently released energy drink from German YouTuber and influencer MontanaBlack, and it is something very different from what we’re used to seeing in the major market of the US. Formula-wise, the Gönrgy Energy Drink isn’t anything supremely advanced, bringing together all of your common active ingredients. The beverage has ginseng, ginkgo, B vitamins, no sugar, a low 15 calories in a 500ml can, and a moderate 160mg of natural caffeine from green tea and green coffee.

Where the Gönrgy Energy Drink separates itself and does things differently, is in the flavor department, as you don’t get a menu full of the usual suspects. The beverage originally hit the market last year in Blueberry Coconut, Tropical Exotic, and Raspberry Cheesecake, which actually has all of the notes of a sweet, rich, and creamy raspberry cheesecake. Gönrgy Energy Drink is almost more of a food-like competitor, where you get familiar sweet experiences rather than specific tastes extracted and shaped into a carbonated drink.

Gonrgy Energy Drink

Earlier this year, the Gönrgy Energy Drink further expanded its menu, adding a combination of typical energizing beverage tastes and the brand’s signature unique, food-related approach. Those more recent extensions to the product are a citrusy Sweet Lemon, an undoubtedly sweet and refreshing White Peach, and lastly, something extra intriguing with Juneberry Jam, with that jam involvement making it sound like a carbonated juneberry drink with extra sugary sweetness.

We got the chance to try a couple of the flavors of the Gönrgy Energy Drink, particularly the unique ones, and as mentioned earlier, they hit their specific notes and take the angles they say in their titles rather than giving you something simple and making it sound different with the name. As far as we know, Germany is the primary place to find and purchase MontanaBlack’s beverage, and it does make it easy, being available in major supermarkets like REWE and Kaufland.

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