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Gorilla Energy shifts to a simpler vector-style illustration on the face of its cans

Gorilla Energy Drink Rebrand

Gorilla Energy Drink in Europe has just undergone a bit of a facelift, a somewhat minor one, but a rebrand nonetheless, where the beverage maker has essentially simplified the appearance of its previously detailed gorilla covering the face of its cans. Instead of having a contrasted spray-painted sort of illustration of the powerful screaming animal, the energy drink has moved to a more vector-style graphic with clean and sharp outlines, bringing a more modern look and feel to the internationally distributed product.

The rebrand has only been shown off on Gorilla Energy Drink’s original flavor, featuring a blend of taurine, carnitine, B vitamins, and 160mg of caffeine. That formula is the same throughout the different options and variations available for the beverage, like Peach Apricot, Lychee, Orange, and the sugarless Zero, which we imagine are also due to get that cleaner, straight-edge makeover. The brand also hasn’t said much about when it’s rolling out, but we think it’d be soon now that it has officially unveiled the look.