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Introducing Habbys and its crunchy and flavorful protein-packed breakfast cereal

Habbys Protein Cereal

At FIBO this year in Cologne, Germany, we were introduced to a host of new and more recent sports nutrition and functional food companies, which was to be expected considering it was the first version of the show we had visited since before the pandemic. One of the standouts for us was the protein cereal brand Habbys, as it was impossible to miss when visiting the convention thanks to its colorful branding, intriguing product, and, of course, its giant bowl of oversized cereal that you could get into.

Habbys’ signature protein cereal is a classic hoop-shaped competitor available in four delicious character-themed flavors and they’re all as crispy and crunchy as actual cereal, with the chocolate-based Doc Choc, Captain Cookie, the glazed vanilla Foxy Frost, and Hannah Honey. They don’t quite have that sugary sweetness you get from traditional breakfast cereals, although that is to be expected when the product has an almost non-existent amount of sugar, as in a reasonable 34g serving, there is only 400mg.

Habbys Protein Cereal

The entire nutrition profile on a serving of Habbys protein cereal doesn’t vary too much across each of the four options, with 12 to 13g of protein, 16 to 18g of carbohydrates, about a third of that is sugar alcohols, under a gram of fat, and some impressive calories 118 to 119. The protein-to-calorie ratio is a worthwhile highlight, as two servings get you 24 to 26g of protein at only 236 to 238 calories, which is a better balance than a typical protein bar’s 20g of protein to 220 calories.

Fun and creative formats of protein are always interesting; however, if the price isn’t right, they’re considered a one-off thing rather than something you can consistently purchase and make a permanent part of your diet. Habbys protein cereal is not too bad in that department, with individual 240g boxes at €8.90 available straight from its website and bulk bundles of four at €32.90 (34.91 USD), working out to a dollar or more under $10 USD a box, and you do get a variety pack in that more cost-effective option.

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