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HealthFarm supersizes its flagship protein powder into a giant 4kg bucket

Healthfarm 4kg Bucket Of Muscle Whey

Most consumers that purchase sports nutrition products on a regular basis will know, that when you tend to buy bigger, in terms of the amount of servings you get per unit, the more cost-effective things work out to be. A lot of supplements don’t have those larger options to choose from, but in categories like amino acids, pre-workouts, and most definitely protein powders, bigger sizes are indeed available, and it’s something that HealthFarm Nutrition in India has expanded upon this month for its premier protein competitor.

Previously, there were only two volume options to choose from for HealthFarm Nutrition’s Muscle Whey protein powder, which features a blend of whey concentrate and isolate to provide 26g of protein per serving. The product also has maltodextrin in the formula, supporting 4.1g of carbohydrates alongside that solid amount of protein, a gram of fat, and 130 calories. The Indian brand and retailer has now introduced a much larger 4kg bucket of Muscle Whey for those who want something bigger than the original 1kg and 2kg.

HealthFarm Nutrition is due to add the 4kg Muscle Whey to its online store shortly, as it’s not something we can currently find on there, and while the price has yet to be shared, it’ll be better value than the 1kg and 2kg, especially since the 2kg is already separated from the 1kg by a saving of about 15%.