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Australia’s Hercules Supplements hits all of the key categories with competitive formulas

Hercules Supplements is a refreshing and relatively new brand in Australia that can take care of all of your sports nutrition needs, from essential items like protein powder and pre-workout to more specialty offerings like weight loss, muscle-building, and sleep. Despite the strict rules and regulations in the region, Hercules still manages to pack out some rather impressive and robust formulations for each of its supplements, including its stars like Energy Of The Gods and the fat burner Burn Of The Gods.

In the pre-workout department, Hercules Supplements is exceptionally strong, as alongside Energy Of The Gods, it has Pump Of The Gods, which can be stacked together for a powerhouse performance and experience, in the gym. The blend of the two is filled with highlights like a combined 12g of citrulline malate, an extra large 6.4g of beta-alanine, 500mg of alpha-GPC for laser focus, plus the intense stimulants of Energy Of The Gods, such as theacrine, juglans regia, and a solid 325mg of caffeine.

Burn Of The Gods is the other premier product from Hercules Supplements, and it is equally as stacked as Energy Of The Gods and Pump Of The Gods all by itself, squeezing 3g of combined carnitine into its maximum serving, theobromine, Paradoxine branded grains of paradise, and 25mg of GBBGo. Then, to ensure you get a similar sort of sensory experience as Energy, Burn Of The Gods has theacrine, theanine, alpha-GPC, and an equal amount of classic caffeine anhydrous at 325mg for reliable uplifting energy.

Hercules Supplements

Hercules Supplements answers the call in many common categories of sports nutrition, but also some not-so-common, with a few genuinely surprising entries in its catalog like the liquid format products, Sleep, for a better night’s sleep, and Ignite, a stimulant-free fat burner featuring carnitine, raspberry ketones, MCTs, GBB, 3 5 diiodo-l-thyronine, and more. The diverse brand competes in the sports drink space, too, with Hydrate, a great-tasting electrolyte-powered beverage that has a selection of added vitamins and some BCAAs, plus virtually no sugar and close to zero calories at just five a bottle.

As you can see, Hercules Supplements is well worth checking out, and compared to the rest of the domestically made sports nutrition brands, it is an impressive entry into the ever-expanding Australian market. You can check out each of its respectable products on its website and purchase through there as well, all at reasonable prices. Most of its advanced offerings sit in and around the $50 USD area, and for the sports drink Hydrate, it’s conveniently sold direct in packs of four, including a variety bundle.