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Ghost confirms the competitive price of its high-protein cereal for grocery

How Much Is Ghost Protein Cereal

Ghost blew the lid off the industry this week, making another one of its industry-stopping announcements, and while many of those have been authentic collaborations from the brand over the last few years, that wasn’t the case here. The original lifestyle supplement company unveiled its promising new Ghost Protein Cereal, providing a typical protein bar-like 17 to 18g of protein, 11 to 15g of carbohydrates, 5 to 7g of fat, and very reasonable calories, landing around 170 in a sizeable 39g serving.

The protein-to-calorie ratio is lower than that of your typical protein bar, which packs 20g of protein and 200 to 220 calories. If you scale up the serving to get that familiar 20g of protein, the calories still sit quite a way under the 200-calorie mark at 191. Ghost Protein Cereal is launching in two flavors, both perfect for that breakfast window or whenever you feel like a bowl of cereal with Marshmallows and Peanut Butter, but the big question that’s been asked is how much is it going to cost?

There are several high-protein cereals on the market, hovering above a $10 price tag, with some occasionally dipping below it. Ghost Protein Cereal will be right in that realm, sitting below $10 in major retailers and supermarkets, where it will be primarily competing. We’ve been told that cost won’t be the same in other locations, including the brand’s own online store at, which is also where Ghost is planning to make the product available first on Wednesday.

That sub $10 price point for Ghost Protein Cereal is highly competitive compared to what you’d usually pay for other high-protein cereals on the market, but it’s also worth comparing that to other protein snacks like bars and cookies. If you look at something like the Quest Protein Bar over at Walmart, it’s $9.32 for a box of four, working out to about $2.33 a piece. If you compare that to the price per serving of Ghost Protein Cereal, you’re basically getting double with just under $10 for six to eight protein snacks, six being the amount in Marshmallows and eight in Peanut Butter.