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HTLT formulates a supplement specifically to improve crucial bloodwork health markers

Htlt Blood Work

Harder Than Last Time, better known as HTLT, from YouTube giant and fitness influencer Greg Doucette, has become an extremely comprehensive supplement company. It has expanded well enough where you could go to the brand’s online store with almost any goal in mind, and walk away with a full-on stack of products. HTLT isn’t as fast-paced as it once was, but that hasn’t stopped it from growing and getting into other complex categories, the latest of them being cardiovascular health with HTLT Bloodwork.

HTLT describes Bloodwork as its most specialized health and wellness supplement to date, with the goal of the whole thing being given away in its name. The brand has designed the product to improve certain crucial health markers that are measured on a typical bloodwork report. The price of the supplement directly through HTLT’s online store is in the premium realm at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, and there is a three-bottle deal for those who want to commit to three months, working out to $46.66 each.

Htlt Bloodwork Label

The various benefits, effects, and areas of health HTLT Bloodwork aims to support include oxidative stress, blood pressure, glucose tolerance, triglycerides, metabolic function, and cardiovascular health. Greg Doucette and his brand have brought together a comprehensive selection of reliable ingredients to achieve all of that, including a solid 1.5g of berberine for the glucose side of things, 400mg of fenugreek, 500mg of olive leaf, astragalus, rarely seen but reliable nattokinase, and premium Nigellin nigella sativa.

As mentioned earlier, HTLT as been on a mission to turn its line of sports nutrition products into a comprehensive selection, covering all areas of health, wellness, nutrition, and performance, and Bloodwork does precisely that. It’s a very on-the-nose type supplement with that title directly relating back around to the goal of improving notable bloodwork health markers, although at the same time, it puts emphasis on the importance of that area of health and that HTLT is here to advancedly support it.