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HYPD Supps is getting in on the liquid glycerol game by way of a seemingly standalone competitor

Hypd Supps Previews Liquid Glycerol

Bulk liquid, glycerol-based supplements have become a bit of a spin-off sub-category within the world of pre-workouts, providing a solid dose of glycerol to fuel pumps and hydration, and occasionally, you get a few other ingredients alongside it to further support that main goal. There are several on the market at the moment, and HYPD Supps is about to put out another one after its preview of the upcoming Liquid Glycerol, which is indeed a versatile competitor for that bulk liquid pre-workout sub-category.

HYPD Supps’ Liquid Glycerol is going to be one of the more straightforward entries into the glycerol-based liquid pre-workout market, at least based on the first look at the supplement as it calls out right on the front “32 servings” with “10g per serving”. That 10g is in reference to the title ingredient of glycerol, so not quite as much as we’ve seen in others getting up into the area of 20g, but with 32 servings a bottle, you have room to customize the serving, whether that’s 16 servings at 20g or even 10 at a hefty 30g.

The great thing about liquid glycerol products, like HYPD Supps’ all-new and simply named Liquid Glycerol, is that they can stack with almost anything, due to having no stimulants and centering around the one main ingredient that is highly effective at those amounts. HYPD is going to be flavoring its next all-new supplement to some extent, as it has previewed Liquid Glycerol in the one Sweet Water option, which doesn’t sound too impactful if mixed with other products like a stimulant-powered pre-workout.