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Infinis over-delivers in the ingredients, benefits and value of its hydration supplement

Infinis Nutrition Hydration

Infinis Hydration is the third-ever supplement from the premium sports nutrition newcomer Infinis Nutrition, going alongside its original two products, the superfood formula Ultra Greens and the powerhouse pre-workout Ultra Pre-Workout. As we suspected with the first look at Hydration, the brand has brought the same sort of approach seen in its first two supplements to the hydration space, where you get a long list of branded ingredients supporting the experience.

True to its name, Infinis Hydration is first and foremost designed to support and improve hydration, although that is essentially just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you actually get in its formula. The brand has also stuffed the product with reliable and effective ingredients to improve performance, endurance, muscle-building, and recovery, ensuring Hydration is a one-stop shop for intra-workout support, and it can be seamlessly added to an amino — another common during-exercise supplement.

You can see the complete facts panel for Infinis Nutrition’s Hydration in the image below, and the newcomer is once again, not playing around. It has plenty in there to drive that primary purpose of hydration, with the likes of taurine, HydroPrime glycerol, premium TRAACS chelated minerals, the Calci-K blend, Aquamin marine-sourced minerals, and coconut water with a combined 2.585g of electrolytes.

Infinis Hydration Label

In addition to all of the above, Infinis Hydration has 400mg of the performance-promoting MitoReds superfood blend, a full 150mg dose of elevATP, also in there for the purpose of performance and endurance, and finally, one of our favorite muscle-building and performance ingredients in Senactiv at 50mg a serving. Infinis Nutrition’s hydration debut is easily one of the most complex we’ve seen for the category, and it’s all made that extra bit better with AstraGin to improve absorption and efficacy.

Infinis Nutrition plans on rolling out its latest sports nutrition powerhouse, Infinis Hydration, next week, and it has a more common amount of servings for non-pre-workout products at 30, as opposed to the 20 you get in Ultra Pre-Workout. The direct price of the hydration, performance, and muscle-building supplement is going to be incredibly enticing, considering everything the brand has managed to squeeze into a serving at $34.99 in the one flavor to start, which is the classic two-part recipe, Kiwi Strawberry.