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Stacked testosterone booster next on the cards for premium newcomer Infinis Nutrition

Infinis Nutrition Previews Test Booster

If you thought Infinis Nutrition was done with three completely new supplements over the last few weeks, it seems as though the premium newcomer is only just beginning, as it has revealed and is about to roll out its fourth innovation. Launching next week and following on from the specialized relaxation product Calm, the performance powerhouse Hydration, and the nootropic Brain is a testosterone-boosting supplement, and it continues the brand’s approach of packed and extra advanced formulas.

Similar to Hydration, Ultra Pre-Workout, and even Calm, the next entirely new product from Infinis Nutrition is named after its category or intended benefits, with Test Booster. It promises to support all of the usual benefits of this sort of supplement, including cortisol control, reduced estrogen, and, true to the name, increased testosterone to, in turn, help with muscle building, performance, and strength. Infinis Test Booster will have a long list of ingredients, many of those branded for a reliable and effective product.

Infinis Nutrition has quickly filled out its selection of supplements and become a lot more than the pre-workout and superfood formula it started out with. It can now support many of the common sports nutrition goals as well as those outside of the gym in the likes of Brain and Calm, and it certainly has us excited for what’s to come. With Infinis Test Booster confirmed, the facts panel coming later this week and launch next week, we imagine it has other common categories to follow, such as weight loss, intra-workout, potentially multivitamin, and post-workout, all with its signature packed premium formulas.