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JetFuel Energy Drink is getting a stick-pack supplement version this Thursday

Jetfuel Energy Sticks

Many times, we have seen sports nutrition brands turn a supplement, whether it be a pre-workout, nootropic, or even a gaming product, into a carbonated energy drink, great examples of that being Cellucor’s iconic C4 and gaming giant G Fuel’s signature Energy Formula. GAT’s still relatively young and growing energizing beverage, the JetFuel Energy Drink, is about to do that but in reverse, where it is releasing a stick pack supplement version of its beverage.

GAT’s JetFuel Stick Packs are making their debut in just two days on Thursday, with many of the same highlights seen in the original beverage, including a moderate 200mg of caffeine, the premium focus and cognition ingredient CognatiQ, and absolutely no sugar. We’re not sure yet if the other ingredients in the JetFuel Energy Drink will be making the trip to the stick pack spin-off, in the likes of theobromine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, choline bitartrate, and alpha-GPC.

Typically, when a supplement becomes a beverage, carbonated or flat, you tend to lose a few active ingredients, as some are simply not compatible with the convenient, ready-to-drink format. Going back the other way, like GAT and JetFuel are about to do, it is much less of a problem, hence why we imagine those unmentioned ingredients will be in the JetFuel Stick Packs. Again, the powder version is live in two days and in four of the energy drink’s six flavors with Tropic Thunderburst, Strawberry Lemonade, a classic Blue Raspberry, and Peach Mango.

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