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All-new Lemon flavor announced for JNX Sports’ other pre-workout The Shadow

Jnx Sports Lemon The Shadow

JNX Sports is most known for its original stimulant pre-workout, The Curse, which has been on the market for an incredible amount of time, staying strong throughout all of the different eras of ingredients and approaches to formulations. That product is, however, not the only entry the long-running brand has in the saturated category; it also has something called The Shadow, a higher stimulant supplement that features a lot of the same ingredients, and it’s also completely transparent, with each of its dosages outlined.

The Curse is definitely the pre-workout that gets the most attention from JNX Sports, sporting a menu of 12 different flavors versus the five of The Shadow, although with that said, in a few days, that total is going to be pushed up by one to six with Lemon. The brand has announced the flavor to start the week and is planning to officially make it available in all of its usual stores, stockists, and markets in four days at the end of the week on Friday, joining The Shadow’s other options like Green Apple and Strawberry Pineapple.

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