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Juvee’s oversized jumbo energy drink was not a prank and is available for a limited time

Jumbo Juvee Energy Drink

Like many fans of the energy drink brand, if you saw Juvee’s post on April Fools’ Day, there is a good chance you were like us and thought it was most definitely outside of the realm of possibility and very obviously a prank. For those that missed it, the beverage company claimed to have put together a much larger size of its original Juvee Energy Drink called Juvee Jumbo, measuring in at 25.4oz per can as opposed to the slim and sleek 12oz you usually get the product in.

It turns out there is some truth to all of this, and Juvee Jumbo is the real deal, with immense exclusivity and only for a very limited time. Apparently, if you head to the Sprecher Taproom in Glendale, Wisconsin, before Friday of next week, you can indeed purchase yourself a giant 25.4oz or 750ml can of the Juvee Energy Drink. The way it works is the brewery has empty Juvee Jumbo cans that it will custom fill with the Blue Raspberry flavor of the caffeinated beverage, right up until you get that more than double-sized 25.4oz, then it will put a cap on and use a machine to seal it in place.

Simply put, the giant Juvee Jumbo Energy Drink is not a prank, and you can indeed buy one for yourself by visiting Sprecher Taproom in Glendale, Wisconsin. The extra volume does come with extra active ingredients and nutrition, as the brand hasn’t created a custom formula or anything for the project. That means the calories per can do bump up from five to between 10 and 11, which is still low, and since the 12oz isn’t overly heavy, the caffeine doesn’t get too high at 270mg.

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