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Kentai pulls together three essential vitamins and omega-3s into a single supplement

Kentai Omega 3 Vitamnin In

Multi-benefit and hybrid category health and wellness supplements are always a great way to go when they properly cover all of the areas you want them to. For example, a product that combines the quality of ingredients and dosages you’d find in a separate multivitamin, joint support, and gut health would save time and money. Kentai in Japan has gone and done that recently with the launch of the self-explanatory Omega 3 Vitamin In, which does indeed combine a variety of vitamins and omega-3s.

Kentai’s Omega 3 Vitamin In features a selection of vitamins C, D, and E at 419mg, 3.4mcg, and 20.3mg, respectively, so it is reasonably well-dosed but not as comprehensive as a multivitamin. Then, in the omega-3 department, you get 490mg of omega-3s from fish oil, breaking down to 320mg of EPA and 165mg of DHA. Again, the point of the supplement is to give you its essential vitamins and omega-3s in liquid time-release capsules, and the combination can be scaled by increasing the serving.

Omega 3 Vitamin In is available for purchase in Japan directly through Kentai’s website at ¥4,644 (30 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings, four capsule servings. Again, you can scale the product to raise the dosages, such as double the omega-3s to 980mg and the reliable antioxidant vitamin C to 838mg, but that will see you finish a bottle twice as fast, which is worth keeping in mind if the amounts aren’t there for you.