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Leviathan turns its focus to thyroid function in its latest health and wellness innovation

Leviathan Nutrition Thyroid Support

The reputable Leviathan Nutrition has more than just traditional sports nutrition supplements in its selection; it covers a host of health and wellness categories, too, and with some incredibly advanced, complex, and well-thought-out formulas. Thyroid Support is the latest entry in its lineup, hitting the market this week, and true to its name, it is designed primarily to support and improve thyroid health and, in turn, support a few other benefits as well, such as weight management and energy.

The intricate workings and description Leviathan Nutrition has provided for Thyroid Support centers around helping your body optimize its thyroid hormone conversation of the mostly inactive T4 to significantly more active T3. The premium supplement is also built to support healthy thyroid function and enhance iodine uptake, again all leading to those benefits mentioned of better energy, fat loss, thyroid function, as well as improved metabolism and mood enhancement.

Leviathan Nutrition Thyroid Support Label

The ingredients behind Leviathan Nutrition’s Thyroid Support consist of a gram of tyrosine, half a gram of forskolin, 200mg of guggul extract, providing 2.5% guggulsterones, and several essential minerals from quality sources, including, of course, potassium iodine for 150mcg of iodine per serving. Selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, and molybdenum are the remaining components filling out the facts panel on Thyroid Support, with everything, transparently dosed, as per usual with the reputable brand.

Leviathan Nutrition does take a lot of time and puts plenty of effort into each of its supplements, especially on the health and wellness side, where it truly shines, and while some of those items do tend to go pretty high in terms of price, that’s not so much the case here in Thyroid Support. The dedicated thyroid health and function product carries a direct price of $39.95, and that’ll get you a full-size bottle of 90 capsules for 30 three-capsule servings to supply you for a typical 30-day month.