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LevlUp makes a special edition bundle for you to craft your own gaming cocktails

Levlup Gamers Punch

Gaming supplement giant LevlUp in Germany has a new flavor available this week, although it is more than just another flavor extension; in fact, it’s a lot more than that. The brand, known for its energy and focus-enhancing product, has crafted a taste called Gamer’s Punch, featuring a fruity blend of strawberry and cranberry. The catch with this special edition drop is that it isn’t available for purchase all by itself; it exclusively comes in a box set that includes a full-size tub of Gamer’s Punch and much much more.

LevlUp has named its Gamer’s Punch set the Superpower Booster Box, and inside the pack, alongside the limited-time taste, is a stainless steel cocktail shaker, a shot glass, a custom bracelet, and 15 single-serving samples of the gaming supplement in 15 different flavors. The idea is you combine two or three of the samples together in the shaker like you would a cocktail. To top off the experience, there is the shot glass to serve up your creation and to get you started, the box set includes some of the brand’s own recipes.

With what is essentially 55 servings of LevlUp’s gaming product, Gaming Booster, plus the premium accessories, the price of the box set is not cost-effective by any means at €99.99 (106.66 USD). That is a far cry from the regular price of a 40-serving tub of the European brand’s signature supplement at €39.99, but it is a limited edition item that fans will want to get in and get their hands on before it’s too late.

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