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Due to demand Life Pro brings its signature Choco Monky flavor to Sauce Zero

Life Pro Nutrition Choco Monky Sauce Zero

One of the signature flavors Life Pro Nutrition has had available in its selection for some time is Choco Monky, which is indeed spelled without the “e” in Monkey, and from what we understand, it is a unique chocolate and caramel biscuit taste experience, separate from your ordinary or traditional chocolate. The flavor is available for many of the Spanish brand’s products, and it is being expanded across to another item this week that apparently fans and followers have been demanding.

It is Sauce Zero that Life Pro Nutrition has added its signature Choco Monky flavor to, a no-sugar, low-calorie syrup that can already be found in a tremendous amount of options and a menu that now includes Choco Monky and sweet white chocolate-based Choco Monky White. They both keep with the theme of the functional product, having no sugar and low calories, all while perfectly communicating their rich and decadent chocolate flavors, especially between the two variants.

As per usual, the latest from Life Pro Nutrition — our Functional Brand Of The Year for 2023 — is available immediately through its online store with retail partners to follow, but if you do go direct, the price is more than reasonable at €3.80 (4.06 USD) for a moderately sized 310ml bottle of syrup.

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