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N8 brings an all-new flavor of its caffeinated carbohydrate gel to the Twincity Marathon

Lime N8 Refuel Energy Gel

The Refuel Energy Gel is a relatively self-explanatory sports nutrition product from Malaysian brand N8, as it breaks down its purpose and format in its name, being a convenient squeeze-pack energy gel supplement to help you refuel for better energy and performance. It is relatively straightforward on the inside as the product brings together a blend of fructose, maltodextrin, and premium Palatinose to provide its 25g of carbohydrate per single-serving pouch and a light 50mg of caffeine from guarana.

N8’s Refuel Energy Gel is getting a new flavor before the month is out, joining the many different tastes the performance product has had over the years, including Berry, Green Apple, orange, Lychee, and Thai Mango. The Refuel Energy Gel extension continues the obvious theme of being simple and fruit-based with a citrusy Lime, and it actually made its debut this past weekend in the brand’s home country at the annual Twincity Marathon, which takes place between the major cities of Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.