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Liquid Death makes its first pair of variety packs and they’re exclusive to Amazon

Liquid Death Variety Packs

If you want to try a variety of different flavors of Liquid Death, obviously regarding its Flavored Sparkling Water and its extensive menu, you can head to your local supermarket or convenience store and simply grab individual cans of each of the products you want to try. Alternatively, if you prefer to shop exclusively online, until this week, there wasn’t a convenient way to go, but all of that has just changed with the launch of Liquid Death’s first-ever variety bundles exclusively available on Amazon.

Alongside the competitively priced bulk packs of Liquid Death’s Still Mountain Water and Flavored Sparkling Water, at, are two variety cases for different families of flavors of the Sparkling Water. There is the regular Sparkling Variety Pack with three cans each of Severed Lime, Cherry Obituary, Convicted Melon, and Mango Chainsaw. Then you have the Iced Tea Variety Pack, featuring, of course, Liquid Death’s Iced Tea flavors with Grim Leafer, Rest In Peach, Green Guillotine, and Dead Billionaire.

Again, both of Liquid Death’s first-ever variety bundles are exclusive to Amazon and cost a very reasonable $18.99 for the 12 extra tall 19.2oz cans. These are indeed a great way to sample a lot of what the beverage company has to offer in the area of Flavored Sparkling Water, saving you from investing in an entire case of a flavor you may not necessarily like as much as one of the others.

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