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Liquid Death makes a hair pomade with Reuzel and puts a drop of Mountain Water in every tin

Liquid Death is no stranger to doing things differently; in fact, many of its marketing stunts and campaigns stand out, even more so because of its incredibly unique and unforgettable approach to the typically straightforward world of bottled water. The canned water company’s latest effort is another example of its creativity, where it’s partnered with the reputable men’s styling brand Reuzel, known for its tonics, shampoos and conditioners, beard products, and, most importantly, premium hair pomades.

We say Reuzel’s hair pomades are most important because that is specifically the purpose Liquid Death has partnered with the brand. The two have come together to create a special edition hair styling pomade featuring both of their branding, Reuzel in large text on the lid of the tin and Liquid Death by way of half a can of its water stuck to the head of a pig. Adding even more from the side of Liquid Death, the Reuzel hair pomade collaboration apparently has a single drop of its Mountain Water in every tin.

As hard to believe as this product may be — a limited Reuzel hair pomade created with the loud canned water company Liquid Death — it is very much real and can be purchased directly from Liquid Death’s online store. The beverage brand calls it Severed Head Pomeade, tying in with the well-put-together marketing campaign that you would likely only ever see from Liquid Death. Over at, the collaboration is $22.95, similar to the pomades at but without the Mountain Water.

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