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LoCCo’s incredibly impressive meringues are now available in a stevia-sweetened version

Locco 1 Calorie Meringues

The creative and certainly innovative functional food company LoCCo has turned several familiar formats and treats into functional, better-for-you products, including the traditional meringue dessert with the self-explanatory 48 Calorie Meringues. As per the name, the incredibly impressively low-calorie item indeed has 48 calories in an entire 28g pack, which has just been joined by an alternative version by the name of 1 Calorie Meringues, although it’s not necessarily the calories that make this one different.

LoCCo’s 1 Calorie Meringues do indeed have a single calorie, although while the title of the 48 Calorie Meringues is in reference to the calories of an entire box, 1 Calorie Meringues is the amount you get from a single sub-gram meringue. That still results in around 48 calories in a pack of 28g, but another key difference in the latest creation from LoCCo is that it’s naturally sweetened with erythritol and stevia, whereas the original 48 Calorie-named item relies on erythritol and the artificial sweetener sucralose.

The all-new stevia-sweetened 1 Calorie Meringues are available in a different sort of box, still with 28g worth of meringues inside, but the consistency doesn’t end there, as LoCCo is also rolling it out to stores in the same three flavors as the standard sucralose edition in Raspberry, Vanilla, and Neutral. The functional retailer Smart Foodies prices the 1 Calorie Meringues the same as boxes of the original 48 Calorie Meringues at 29.58zł each, or grab the collection with one of each flavor at 27.64zł per box.

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