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Ghost Greens continues its ties to Earth Day and is celebrating in 2024 with a limited flavor

Matcha Latte Ghost Greens

In exactly one week, the best-tasting superfood formula on the market is getting another taste to choose from, and it isn’t dropping on just any ordinary day. The product we’re talking about is Ghost’s incredibly great-tasting Ghost Greens, and the day it is dropping is none other than Earth Day, which has always been tightly tied to the supplement. Ghost Greens made its original debut on Earth Day, followed by new flavors on subsequent April 22nd celebrations, and it is indeed doing that once again next Monday.

Currently, Ghost Greens can be found in a variety of on-point flavors, none of which disappoint for this sort of product, even with the advanced formula packed into this one, with the likes of Apple Cider, Pink Lemonade, Guava Berry, and Lime. The new flavor joining that menu, albeit only for a limited time, right in line with the 2024 edition of Earth Day is, Matcha Latte, inspired by the traditional green tea drink of the same name, and it is going to be exclusive to Ghost’s online store with zero availability anywhere else.