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Max Protein moves its clean cream of rice into much bigger one-kilogram bags

Max Protein Bags Of Cream Of Rice

Despite arguably being the king of oats or oatmeal in its home country of Spain, Max Protein had yet to touch the growing and similar sort of category of cream of rice until a couple of years ago when it introduced Crema De Arroz, Spanish for Cream Of Rice. The widely available brand released its own simple and to-the-point cream of rice in several flavors, including an authentic Lacasitos, put together in partnership with the popular local candy, and it made its way out into the market in a 500g box.

Max Protein is giving back to Crema De Arroz or Cream Of Rice this month and in a rather significant way by moving it into a larger, more cost-effective size. The brand is keeping everything in and around the carbohydrate-rich powder product exactly the same, but now you can get twice as much in one unit. Instead of that half-kilogram box, Max Protein Cream Of Rice comes in a double-sized single-kilogram bag with all of the same tastes like Chocolate, Blackmax Cookies, and the authentic Lacasitos.

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